How To Become a Real Vampire. Get turned into a vampire. How to Become a Vampire in Real Life. How to Act Like a Vampire. Ritual For Vampire Transformatio. The ritual of turning into a vampire

There are literally thousands of vampire legends throughout history. Nearly every single culture on the face of the earth has some kind of myth about undead, blood-sucking creatures that relate back to vampire mythology.

Naturally, the legends are not all consistent with one another, though there are many common threads throughout the various cultural myths. In order to take a more analytical view at vampire, we must do a little scientific-style hypothesizing.

Vampire cults have existed for several years, but the majority of these cults are filled with members who display vampire-like activity, such as drinking human blood and hiding from sunlight. These cult members are, however, distinctly human, simply mimicking the behavior of vampires as this was, until recently, the closest a human could get to vampirism.

The details of how to become a real vampire have only recently come to light. Many of the ancient myths appear to be true, while others are still in question.

In "The Vampire Bible", ancient scribes describe the only known way that a human can become a vampire. As the following excerpt from that book details, it takes more than just a bite to become a vampire.

"As it was with Selene and Ambrogio, when Artemis allowed him to take of her blood, so it has been ever since. The ritual begins with a bite from vampire to human, where he may consume her blood. As she lays bleeding her pulse moves inside him, and they become one... "

"...and she must then drink of their joined blood, the first bite as vampire, the last as human..." This description portrays a ritual that is consistent with earlier legends of vampires, where the human host must drink the blood of the vampire in order to transform.

According to "The Vampire Bible", the reason for this ritual goes all the way back to the beginning of vampire history, which is the story of the first vampire Ambrogio, and his star-crossed lover Selene.

As the excerpt above eludes to, the story goes that Ambrogio was made a vampire through a series of gifts and curses from Greek gods including Apollo, Artemis, and Hades. Long story short, his one true love was a mortal woman named Selene who he was forbidden from mating with. On her deathbed Selene begged Ambrogio to create children for her, so with the approval of Artemis, Ambrogio drank Selene's blood. Apparently the mixing of his blood and her blood together was the only way Ambrogio could pass on his vampirism to another human.

Later legends say that all future vampires were created by Ambrogio by the same ritual - he would drink the human's blood, which would mix with his own (and Selene's). The vampire would then bite his own wrist, and the human would have to willingly drink the mixed blood in order to become a real vampire.

What makes a vampire? Is someone born that way or do they choose the vampire lifestyle? Or, do you become a vampire through some strange turn of events?

In our modern culture we seem to be in the midst of some kind of vampire golden age. Apparently there are a lot of folks out there who think vampires are pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that countless people today are seeking ways to get closer to living the vampire life.

This may be thanks in part to certain trendy pop-fiction YA novels and their corresponding motion-picture treatments. But most vampires throughout history were not brooding, angst-ridden teens with perfectly quaffed hair. Real vampires were pretty nasty characters, and turning into a vampire was, at one time, a very unfortunate life event.

How did vampires go from loathed to lauded? Stephanie Meyer wasn't the first to fiddle with the vampire definition. Bram Stoker's Dracula , published in 1897, kicked off the modern interpretation of vampires guised as charming, if somewhat enigmatic, gentlemen.

But it was Anne Rice who launched vampires into a new dimension, making them way sexier, way cooler, and somehow even more mysterious. Her 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire is perhaps the greatest vampire story ever told, sweeping through two centuries of an immortal life. The film that followed, starring Tom Cruise and a young Brad Pitt, solidified the vampire mystique.

So, fiction might make the vampire life seem exciting and unique, but on the other hand people don't dig up someone's casket and jam a stake through their heart without good reason. Before Twilight , before Ann Rice, and even before Dracula, the vampire legend struck fear into the hearts of people from all different cultures around the world. Is there any truth to these ancient myths, and, if so, are you sure you really want to be a vampire?

If vampires are indeed real, where do they come from? Since we can't possibly explore every culture's explanation for how vampires come about, let's consider the most common Western-world definition. While this is up for considerable debate, consensus opinion is that to become a vampire you must somehow entangling yourself with someone who is already a vampire. However it hashes out, the point is it involves an interaction with a real vampire. You can't make yourself a vampire, or simply decide you are one. You must be chosen.

Some people claim you can be born a vampire, which is a theoretically intriguing idea. This implies that vampires are another race of hominid, which means they must have evolved along a very similar line as humans, and preyed upon humans throughout history. Like Vampire Bats, they would have evolved to exist on blood instead of solid food. This is extremely implausible, but interesting to ponder. Of course it eliminates the supernatural aspects of vampire lore.

But by most accounts the transformation from human to vampire is a supernatural occurrence. This presents several problems, not the least of which is locating an actual, real-life vampire who is able and willing to transform you. (Hint: That weird guy down at the comic book store with the pale skin who says he's a vampire almost definitely is not.)

Certainly there are a lot of people around today who claim they are true vampires, but take a logical look at this for a moment: If you were really a vampire, how would you live your life? Would you announce it to everyone? Would you put up a blog telling everyone about it, or brag about it in on social media? Would you tell your schoolmates, or your coworkers? Would you tell anyone ?

You would be wise to be suspicious of anyone who so boldly claims to be a vampire. A vampire in today's world would have to be among the most careful and secretive of creatures. We're talking about an undead being that may have been around for hundreds of years, a predator of humans that probably has to do some pretty awful things to get what it needs. Such a creature could only survive by keeping its true nature a secret, and tracking down such a thing would be almost impossible. Thus, going out at night in search of vampires would be pointless.

The odds are against it, but your one hope would be to encounter a vampire by accident. Then what?

Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of being a vampire. Of course there are many different beliefs surrounding the natural and supernatural rules governing vampires, and you probably won't really know what you're in for until it's too late. Nevertheless, the following thoughts are based around the traditional vampire stereotype:

There's only one item on the menu: blood. In the mood for a cheeseburger? Too bad. And where do you get all this blood? Taking it from humans is unethical not to mention illegal. Blood bank? No. They have their hands full supplying hospitals and don't have the time or resources to bother with vampires. There are probably a few unscrupulous and unpleasant ways you can imagine getting it, but after a while it would all get to be quite a hassle. Remember, this is something you're going to have to keep up until the end of time. Speaking of . . .

Living forever sounds like fun, but you'd better be careful. We humans have enough trouble keeping ourselves in one piece for 80 years or so. Can you imagine how tough it would be to avoid getting yourself seriously injured for hundreds of years? As a vampire you'll have superhuman strength, speed and reflexes, but eventually bad luck would catch up to you and you'd end up damaging a body part you're going to need for the next thousand years. Let's hope those super regenerative powers come through for you. Also, being immortal means you'll have to stand by and watch everyone you care about grow old and pass on, over and over again.

Say goodbye to the beach. As a vampire you're not going out in the sunshine ever again. Ever . Certainly there are mortal humans who don't like to spend much time in the sun, but as an undead bloodsucker it'll kill you. Will you have to sleep in a coffin? There seems no practical reason for this as long as you keep your sleeping quarters dark enough, but whatever makes you happy. The plus side is that you'll have a much lesser chance of developing melanoma.

This is one of the better reasons to be a vampire. Traditionally, vampires change into bats and flap around spying on people. Boring! We can assume you'll be able to use your powers to transform into all kinds of different things. Have fun with it, and try to think outside the box.

Right now you might not think it would be a bad idea to let other people know if you become a vampire, but what happens in a hundred years or so when this current vampire-pop craze has long died down? In the past, letting people know you're a vampire meant a visit from a mob of angry villagers wielding torches and pitchforks, not a mob of screaming teenage girls. Historically, local communities have not been supportive of vampires living among them.

As you can see, the odds of becoming a real-life vampire are astronomically slim, and even if you do there are far more negatives to the vampire life than there are positives. But perhaps you are still interested in the vampire thing, even though you don't feel like enduring centuries of hardship and suffering.You may be in luck!

Around the world today there are pockets of vampire culture strewn about. These people know they aren't really undead, but they choose to exist in a way that they feel reflects the vampire lifestyle. They range widely in their beliefs, from the peaceful and deeply spiritual folks to those you really ought to stay away from.

There is nothing wrong with immersing yourself in an alternative lifestyle, as long as you do it safely and wisely and never lose sight of the line between make-believe and reality. Never engage in anything that seems unsafe or illegal, and never do anything that could bring harm to another person (including you). If you encounter people who seem like they are taking things too far, get away from them. Bottom line: Use your head, and if people seem like trouble, they probably are.

As far as becoming a real vampire, unless you get nabbed by one while you're out for a stroll one dark night the odds aren't in your favor. But if it happens, and you have a choice, think long and hard. That skinny kid from Twilight might make it look pretty cool, with all those pensive glances and whatnot, but the life of a real vampire is no doubt a curse, and a sentence to endless nights of sorrow.

Casting Instructions for 'How to become a Vampire Spell'

Oh no you say. It is just another one of those stupid spells of how to become a vampire. You are wrong.This actually works, no spell involved. And please can no one be rude, because if you are here to be rude than you are a bad, bad person.

1. Prick yourself with a badge (no need to put it on a candle or something)
2. Let the blood run for a bit, then mop it up.
3. Think all the dark thoughts in your mind you have
4. Go to bed

Over the next 3 days you should start to change, but actually feeling some difference can come in a while. First of all your canines become sharper (don't be expecting screwdrivers for teeth). Then you will start to feel things like a rough throat, thirst that can not be quenched, and sudden speed.

When I say you need "Element of Darkness" I mean that you have to have a piece of dark soul. You can't be someone who runs around in fairy dresses wishing to be a mermaid. You have to think dark thoughts...

Casting Instructions for 'how to be a vampire in a week Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

· night time

· alone time

· a voice

· a red candle (optional)

· focus

1st light your candle if you use one after that get comfortable and relax then say: vampires of the night, please let me join the undead, and let me have fangs and red eyes when in contact with blood, if i dont have a charm in the sunlight i shall burn but not die, i shall be able to (you say what powers you want) and this is my will so mote it be you need to say this 10x at night and if it doesnt work this isnt the spell for you side effects include: teeth stomach or head aches, sun feels a little hotter than normal different sleeping patterns, and if there are anymore please mail me with them fangs grow in a week good luck and bless it be

Usually a person is born a vampire. Occasionally a person becomes one. Many people assume that vampires are blood sucking villains from movies or books. This is entirely false. While some people do choose to take in energy through blood, many take in energy "spiritually" or "psychically". This energy is known as prana, ka, and chi.

If you are familiar with energy work, you already know that all people and things in this world interact and exchange energy. A spiritual or psychic vampire does this consciously with more power and skill.

The most intense transformation occurs on the spiritual plane. By connecting to your essence and your astral body, direct alterations can be made to induce a state of spiritual vampirism.

These services are not to be taken lightly. This operation can alter you on a fundamental level, opening up powerful abilities, but also requiring you to take in far more life force than the average person. Being able to balance this intake of energy is key.

The abilities you discover depend upon your goal in seeking these services and the nature of your psychic and spiritual practice.

Vampiric Energies are Used for...
Attraction. Natural powers of seduction, mesmerising, and passion are enhanced and projected.
Feeding. The ability to psychically and astrally drain other people of their life force and manipulate energies for spiritual practice.
Psychism. Heightened extrasensory perception and intuition that can give you information about people, places, and situations the average person is completely unaware of.
Protection. Warding and banishing of unwanted entities, harmful energies, enemies, and more.
Magick. Enhance your abilities on the astral, physical, and spiritual planes. Vampirism strengthens all kinds of magickal practices, allowing you to draw on powerful energies for divination, spells, rituals, and more.

Imagine being linked to
the ancient mysteries of the moon,
the wisdom of the stars, and the
power of pure life energy...

How Do You Become a Vampire?

This is the most commonly asked question we get - and for good reason. There are many vampire myths and legends, all with very different results.

We work primarily with spiritual vampirism. Certain people are born (and reborn) as vampires, while others are made vampires.
Some are pseudo-vampiric due to temporary or permanent trauma to the energy body (demanding an increase of energy intake to be well).
Others work in combination with a spirit or entity that has the vampiric abilities they desire. This is very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
And still others learn how to manipulate life energy as well as their own energy bodies in order to live as spiritual vampires.

Vampire Magick services are designed to connect you with vampiric energies through powerful talismans and spells , alter your energy body with vampiric rituals , or attach a vampiric entity for a specific purpose.

These are all intense processes - some more than others.
Vampire Talismans are charged for a minimum of two weeks and "programmed" according to its purpose.
Vampire Rituals and Spells are performed for you for a desired purpose. Energy is raised, focused, and released over the course of a Moon cycle (roughly a month). For more powerful work, this can be extended to months.
Attachment of a Vampiric Entity or Spirit is the most complex operation. It requires at least three months of work to ensure the correct spirit is called upon and safely attached. You must know what you are seeking to accomplish with this entity beforehand, as this determines how the attachment is performed.

As with all spiritual energies and entities, you must be respectful of their power and the gifts they provide you. This is not about making vampiric energies your slave to achieve purely selfish or greedy desires. This is powerful, dark magick for those who are serious about vampirism.

How are Services Performed?

Since these changes occur on a non-physical or astral level, work can be done at any distance with the aid of a name, date of birth, and full body photograph to make the connection. For more intense work, we may request hair or nail clippings for a stronger link.

Rest assured that an adept practitioner will be performing these services. If we perform an attachment or transformation for you, we will provide you with any additional support or information you may need during and after the work.

WARNING: It is strongly suggested that you have some experience in basic meditation and energy work so that you may more easily assimilate these powerful energies. We are also careful to make certain that those who receive our services are at least 18 years of age and are of sound mind – such experiences should only be received by those who are able to handle them.

Casting Instructions for 'THIS IS A REAL VAMPIRE SPELL (RITUAL) Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

· Voice
· Mirror
· 3AM
· Red Marker
· White Paper

Get ready and when 3AM comes go to your bathroom
and write on a white piece of paper this :
''Dark cities and black 666 ceratain calls
dark swallow where borns darks shadows
there are black demons living the hallow baston
the devil love is evol I ask to become a real vampire
with long fangs when I see or smell blood they'll grow
and I'll bite and it will be forever to let my life
last forever, I will run and move super fast like no one
can see me, I'll become the vampire of night of my city
so I ask to the dark forces of darkness and creators of vampire
to become a real vampire''

and now you must be naked exept your underwear, must be black.
So write these magickal words and show the paper and words upon
your mirror and read x6 the reflected words in the mirror.
Before to say the spell write ''666'' on your right hand and
left write what you will be ''Vampire''.
This is a black magick spell and I made it don't edit
this spell, if you do make your prayers black demons will
kill your energy. Don't tell no one this spell.
And it's not reversable so be careful what you wish for.
Send me an email on here if you became a vampire.

Side Effects :

-Dream black magick (Nightmares)
-You'll feel watched
-your fangs will hurt like hell
-body pain
-you will hate light

* This spell does make you burn with sun light after 6 weeks
you had become a vampire. Message me I'll give you the spell
for a witchcraft ring.

* This is not a satanic spell the 3AM is the hour of the darkness
and the 666 is the number of darkness and demons. Satan does not exist the catholic church invented him to protect their darkness.

How To Become a Real Vampire. Get turned into a vampire. How to Become a Vampire in Real Life. How to Act Like a Vampire. Ritual For Vampire Transformatio. The ritual of turning into a vampire

vampires are real …
but a REAL vampire will not change you..some dont even know how and some dont believe its possible
me myself am trying to research how to change someone into a vampire because I have a friend that REALLY wants to be one
and here are the real vampire facts
1 real vampires are born as one, you can awaken in your teen years, but some dont untill they are an adult
2 vampires do drink blood, but we dont go around biting people (theres donnars and gettting it from meats and recipies)
3 lmfao the sunlight doesnt burn it gives you a headache and can feel alittle uncomfortable, well you can get sunburn VERY easy, but it doesnt like burn you the way you think it would
4 vampires are not immortal
5 vampires dont just suck blood theres one kind that just absourbs energy from people
6 vampires are NOTHING like the ones in twilight, well there are a few traits that are kinda true , but thats mostly all lies

I suugest if you want to become a vampire you need to not look on the internet barley
go to the book stores they have books on it if you know where to look
or try to find one of us that believes that we actually can change you
we really are just about everywhere

I have become tired of the search. I would so dearly love a true immortal vampire to just turn up on my doorstep and say “congratulations, you’ve found me, after all of your hours of fruitless searching. Tadaa!” Wouldn’t that make things so much easier. Thats the human condition I suppose, the desperate need for instant gratification due to our fleeting minutes on this planet. Well never the less I will persevere, I will never stop searching.Immortal vampires have been recorded in the texts of every primitive civilisation known to man who only recorded what they saw as truth. Their stories correlate even though they were miles apart and would never meet. Thus it makes sense to me that what they saw was the truth because they had not yet been exposed to the human condition of attention seeking and making up stories to get media attention. I think though I will have to extend my search into the real world and stop hoping for some vampire to find an outlet on the internet.

Vampire's are real, because not long ago people in italy found a real vampire skull… and even showed a picture of it.It really did have fangs at the front of its mouth. The people in italy said it was about 10,000 years old and it had a stone stuck in its mouth.I saw it on the news a few months ago.and no the vampire skull is not fake,but really is real…I my self wont to become real vampire,And I dont beleave that a stake in the heart or the sun light or garlic can kill a vampire,Kinda think that nouthing can kill a vampire but then again looking at that picture of the real vampire skull from italy made think that the vampire in the picture might tried to kill it self and suceeded… So I hope that one day in the future when I turn 24 years. That I'll finally meet a real vampire and become one.

mostly all real vampires will say there is absolutely no way to be turned into a vampire. You are either born as one or you are not. but Kheprian vampires were supposedly turned into vampires in a process called "siring". This is a very controversial subject within the vampire subculture/community, and one that real vampires get sick of hearing about. So, if you have any good sense at all, don't go to the real vampire sites asking to be turned or sired. Most real vampires don't believe it's possible, and those that do believe and might be able to do it, are not going to do it anyway. I suggest waiting, maybe if you keep talking about your hopeful turning a real vampire will hear your cry and want to help (though it is very unlikely)
talk to me if you want to hear more

ok, I dont think I believe in vampires, and a part of me thnks the people that say theyre real are crazy (I think thats my common sense talking!) but then I think about how many legends of vampyres there are, of all the different things they supposedly do, of all the old stories, then I think, could that many people be dissolsional could it really be that vamyres, as we know them or not if vampyres could be real.

I dont know and im not gonna go telling peole that vampires arent or are real, all im saying is that if vampyres are real than they are NOT gonna go telling people all about themselves on the internet, and the only reliable source to fnd out about vampires is a vampyre, than I dont like your chances of finding a real one.

You really wanna be a vampire? You have to go through awakening which basically is vampire puberty. Here are some signs, but remeber NO ONE can tell you if you are or not, that is for you and you only to figure out:
Loss or increase of appetite
Back ring around colored part of your eyes
Mood swings
Empty feeling; want for something but don't know what

Those are just SOME so go look up some more info about awakening.
There are three main ways to become a vampire:

Go to vampirewebsite.com or vampires.com to learn more.

Yes vampires are real and yes there is a way to become one. No it's not painful but it is kinda gross. First it would require you to find a vampire. you can find one on a medow late at night or in one of there underground bars. Any thing with rose daisy foxglove or iris is likely to b run by vampires wherewolves shapshifters or witches. Once you find one they should know what to do. If you have any more questions just fun mail me.

omfg people. yes, I agree, vampires are awesome, but they're not REAL. you cannot become a vampire by getting bitten by one and then letting their venom run through you for two to three days. and I bet you that person took that directly our of the Twilight series. and if you move to forks washington because Stephanie Meyer says vampies live there, then there is something majorly wrong with your grip on reality.

no they are not just humans that drink blood.
vampires are real.
I want to be one more then anything I ever wanted.
but the only way to change is painful. and its difficult to find a vampire.
though you should look in areas that are not sunny.
I am moving to Forks, Wa for example :)

you become a vampire by being bitten and letting their venom run through you for 3 days, or less probably 2 sometimes.

There are many such ways, many of our kind will not share them, birth is one way although much more painful than being bitten. Being born human with the vampric gene, as many call it, is actually quite common. Other Than this way I only no of the venom both are extremely painful. contact me if you would like to know more, but none of us will willing change a human.

Well I'm not one myself and I'm not crazy but I believe they survive on blood but those who are "vegetarians" they survive on animal blood. There are spell and ritual that can change a person into a vampire. But 89% involve the blood of a vampire but were will you find that? Good luck with that question.

Actual blood-sucking-out-of-neck vampires are not real.
There is however a such thing as "vamp culture".
My buddy knew a guy who was into this. I think it's a cult type thing but as close to the real thing as you could get I guess.
I am not a part of this however.