HOW TO CURSE SOMEONE. HOW TO SEND DOWN A CURSE. Curse Removal & Reversal. How To Curse Your Enemies

What is a curse? Let us look at what is a curse. I will define cursing using basic principles, try to explain the mind set behind cursing - what drives us to it and explain how you can apply this understanding to break curses. Understanding what is a curse helps us in breaking the power of curses.

Many people fail to discern the oppressing impact on others of their curses. Not only that, Jesus said that there is great power and authority in all the words we speak. Therefore words spoken in anger as well as our mean gossip can act as if they were curses.

Please realize that counter measures must be taken to break curses because curses have real power and do real damage. Christians should thank God for being our Defender and Protector and claim this protection daily. A more active approach is neccesary to break curses if we discern we are being oppressed by a curse.

Definition of a Curse. A curse may be defined by the negative impact it has if it is not recognized and broken

A curse may have a negative, destructive or evil impact on another's life. However, it also has negative impact on the one who curses. You need to learn to defend against the impact of a curses directed against you. But also, don't yourself curse others. You may be shooting yourself in the foot. Yes, curses can boomerang back - a case of 'return to sender.' Apart from that the unseen result of cursing another is that you become oppressed by your own curse and more vulnerable to the curses of others. (The principle is that God is not your defender if you take over defending yourself by attacking others. Judgement is God's.)

A curse may take different forms. Many of these can be unconscious. In any case all forms of cursing would be considered sinful. Not all are verbal. I believe deep negative 'feelings' against another can act as curses. I also believe a medical or psychiatric diagnosis acts much like a curse.

1. A curse may involve witchcraft ( a hex) to tap into demonic power,

2. However, it also may involve a fixed attitude of hatred toward a person. The thoughts and intents of our heart do impact others.

3. Even prayers can act as curses. Controlling or 'witchcraft" prayers in which we attempt to impose our will on God or another can act like a curse; bring oppression.

4. Prayers made in unbelief, for example involve prayers that focus on the illness or problem (praying the problem), can act like curses. Do not focus your imagination on the problem rather speak God's word based on listening prayer and godly promises as lead by the Holy Spirit.

5. Strong words angrily expressed wishing harm upon a person, with or without an oath, act as curses. I remember Joan being so ticked off with Rocky that she sent him out the door wishing that a train would run in to him. A train hit his truck that very day; but he was not harmed.

6. Malicious gossip, discussing negative about another with evil intent, can act like a curse bringing heaviness and trouble.

7. Verbal abuse, which may involve name calling, with or without swearing, acts like a curse.

8. Even professional labels, diagnostic labels, attaching a diagnosis upon a yourself or another person can act like a curse. For example, a medical doctor says that you have cancer thus predicting that sickness or harm will befall you. Out of fear and confidence in the professional's authority you receive the message and give in to the predicted and feared outcome. Faith in God and God's healing power must be interjected into the news of any diagnosis.
The power behind the curse
One theory: Curses release demons.

One theory is that curses derive their power from demons. A demon is released by the curse. A demon can be given authority to act both by the careless negative words we utter and by hostile evil words we utter in hate and frustration.

Once released the demonic has permission to do what it was told to do (until it is completed).

If the person against whom the curse is uttered is well protected (hidden in Christ, signed with the cross), then the demon may fuflill the assignment against another - even against the one who sent it out. Thus a curse may boomerang against the curser. My suggestion is that you daily ask for complete protection, asking to be hidden in Christ, covered with the blood of the New Covenant, surrounded with God's presence as a shield.

Slander, accusation, name calling, malicious gossip, negative words spoken against a person may well empower evil to oppress either the one cursed or the curser.

The other theory or perspective is that the human spirit by itself may generate sufficient evil power - by meditating on negative, hateful, hostile thoughts - to create evil destructive murderous energy. This perspective take seriously the image of God as meaning co-creation and charges us to be careful with what we are creating in our heart, mind and imagination and what is expressed in our words.

Either way the power behind the curse must be protected against. Sometimes the curse must be actively broken.

LOS ANGELES, CA – A controversial new book tells you how to put curses on your enemies by harnessing your dark powers in four easy steps!

All you have to do, says famed sorcerer and occult author Damien Mulkrin, is forget about the Golden Rule and resign yourself to the fact that vengeance, and plenty of it, is the only thing that will make you happy.

At that point, you can follow Mulkrin's simple 4-point plan for unleashing the evil powers that will give you the upper hand in your battle with any enemy, no matter how strong he might be, Mulkrin declares.

“Sorcerers, witches and warlocks aren't the only people who can cast spells and put curses on people. With a little training, anyone can do it – even you,” said Mulkrin, whose frightening new book, When Bad Things Happen to Bad People , is slated for a winter release.

“In fact, my 4-point plan is simple enough for a child to follow.

“I guarantee you won't find an easier or more effective way to deal with people who give you a hard time.”

Here is Mulkrin's 4-point plan. WARNING : Dabbling in the occult can be dangerous or even deadly. Proceed at your own risk . Weekly World News does not take responsibility for any results.

1. Rise from your bed at midnight. Sit cross-legged on the floor in a dark, empty room and whisper the words: “Evil, live, live, evil” over and over for one minute. In your mind's eye, picture the person you want to curse.

2. As the image of the person appears to you, visualize great harm coming to him or her. For example, you might watch with delight as a car runs over him or he falls down a flight of stairs.

3. Savor the victim's agony – but don't forget: the misfortune you visualize is the misfortune your victim will suffer in real life.

If you visualize the victim losing an eye, the victim should lose an eye. If you visualize death, the victim should die. Carefully consider the consequences of your actions before you proceed.

4. As you continue to revel in the imaginary evil you have brought to your enemy, whisper: “Powers of darkness, make this so.” Contemplate your actions for a minute or so and then, says Mulkrin, “your work is done.”

“If you are sincere in your desire to punish an enemy, and have absolutely no reservations about bringing him harm, the curse will work,” he said.

Mulkrin isn't exactly a household name but paranormal experts and occultists are all too familiar with the sorcerer and his work.

In those circles, he is regarded as evil incarnate – a man who has been accused of everything from cannibalism to human sacrifice. But even Mulkrin's worst critics admit that the sorcerer has a penetrating intelligence and vast knowledge of the black arts.

He also has a knack for simplifying ancient rituals, making them accessible to laymen who have no working knowledge of the occult.

“In ancient times sorcerers relied on elaborate rituals to punish their enemies, but in this day and age, with people having so many demands on their time, these rituals are obsolete,” explained Mulkrin.

“By distilling the process, I have sped things up. If you are of average intelligence, and put your mind to it, there is no reason you can't put a curse on someone in five minutes or less.”


Do not try this if you don't know what you are doing. If it backfires, you are in deep trouble.

First things first. So you have a neighbour or a work collegue or a family member or a friend that you want to place a curse on? No worries.Satan can and will do your bidding. Under conditions.

First condition. This person must have wronged you.
Second condition. You have never wronged this person.
Final condition. You have never inflicted the same wrongdoing on another person. (Example: if the person stole your money, make sure you have never ever stolen another person's money)

What you will need for the curse.
1 - The person's DNA. This is easily acquired. Get an item that belongs to the person as it is very likely to contain the DNA of that person. It can also be a piece of his hair. If he spit, just brush the spit with a paper or hanky and voila.

If you are sure that what you have have the only the DNA of the target, then get the rest of the items, if not, you'll need the person's full name, date of birth, and a photo.

2 - A small box. I like using a wooden coffin shaped one for drama but any box can do. The best for those living in cities are plastic boxes. If you are in the village, a wooden box will suffice as it will be buried later.

3 - A candle of any colour.

4 - A piece of paper and pencil.

5 - A small mirror.

That's it.

Prepare the place during the day. Find a room with a window and place the mirror on the gound away from you and facing the window. Draw a circle on the paper and draw a 5 point star in the middle making sure the points are touching the circle.

Place the paper in front of you behind the mirror. If you needed the name and DOB of the target, write them down on the paper. Place the photo, if needed, on the paper. Place the candle on top. Leave the box and wait for nightfall.

For some unknown reason, this curse works more if there is moonlight but I have placed some curses on moonless nights that worked. I would advise beginners to do it on full moon nights.

At night, (between 10pm to 4 am (make sure the sun is gone), go back to the prepared room, sit behing the mirror and paper, facing the window and light the candle. Open your arms. close your eyes and say the following:

Lucifer, My lord, thy servant calls
Please harken to my summons.

Wait a few moments, then repeat. Then repeat one last time.

And here I must warn you that no mater what you hear or feel, you must not open your eyes . Even if you hear or feel nothing, rest assured, there's a presence in the room with you. Don't open your eyes. Instead recite the following:

My adversary, I present your blood,
Your name is ...., (say the name of that person and date of birth if needed, if not, skip this line)
Blood turn black and flesh turn blue,
I will curse you as you force me to,
by the left hand and the unclean food,
I´ll curse your eyes, I´ll curse your lies, (or theft, or whatever wrong he/she did)

I´ll call down a plague of flies,
blood go black and flesh go blue,
evil from me and back to you,
my s

oul clean and yours on fire,

And then you say which calamity you want to befall him/her.
Something along the lines of:

A barren womb and a swollen foot
Shall be your portion until .... (state when you want the curse to end, or say forever if you want a permanent curse)

Now wait. Still close your eyes. The presence have not yet departed. It is waiting for two things. First is what to give in return for the task you set him. Second is a sending off.

You must decide what to give to Satan. It is not as hard as some people make it sound but it must be some sort of sacrifice.
Here are examples of what people give: You can promise not to ever enter a church again in your life. (this may sound easy but know that even if your own family is getting married, you must never enter the church) You can promise to give a percentage of your income to some beggars every month. You must do this. You can promise to abstain from alcohol for 5 years. Easier said than done. Please whatever you promise, it must be a good sacrifice to make. Don't go promising nonsense like nollywood stuppid "I will kill my mama" nonsense.

After the promise, you must now dismiss the spirit. Say the following:

My request is finished, O spirit of vengeance. I do hereby order thee to depart, without injury to man or beast. Depart, I say, and be thou willing and ready to come, whensoever duly conjured. I conjure thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly, and may peace continue forever between me and thee.

Wait a few seconds, open your eyes. Gather everything except the burning candle and put into the box. Use the candle wax to seal all openings on the box. Throw away the candle. In the morning, gid a very deep ground and bury the box away from your home. If in the city, find somewhere safe to hide the box.

Tips. It is usually better to place a short term curse because if the seal on the box gets broken and the curse spills while still potent, it might affect someone else.

There is no good reason to accept harm from anyone.

I am writing this because someone thought I was hateful for recommending this in spiritual warfare.

He thought we should just accept the curse, and not send it back. We should love them instead.

While it is good to love our enemies, we do not have to accept harm from them.

If someone tries to shoot us, we can love them, but it would be wise to try to get the gun away from them, or get them to put it down.

We can still love our witch enemies, and deal with the curse and the spirit of witchcraft.

We do not have to accept harm from anyone. We have to protect ourselves.


If someone throws us a base ball. We can keep it, or throw it back.

If we keep it, then it is ours.

Many times the ball (curse) thrown by a witch, or someone practicing cursing, is thrown to us.

We can either accept it, or send it back.


Since the witch originally had the ball (curse), it was hers originally.

So for her to send it to us, is to relieve herself / himself of the curse.

Someone sent her the curse to begin with. Possibly, the devil himself, or another witch.

So ultimately, when we reverse the curse, we are sending the curse back to its original possessor.

All curses originate with the devil. That is where the power comes from.

If we reverse the curse, we send it back to the witch.

This is not to harm her, but to reject harm to ourselves.

She also has the option of giving it back to the devil, the point of origin.

It is a wake up call for her too.

She does not have to keep it either.

So reversing the curse is not an act of hatred, or un forgiveness.

It is self defense and wisdom.

According to the dozen panicked messages in my inbox, we need to have a talk about curse removal, a talk that (apparently) can't wait another day. So, here it is.Where I will discuss different methods to remove, reverse, and break curses that you've cast or that have been cast on you.

A Few Methods of Curse-Removal
Reversal - The act of sending a curse back to the person who cast it. This is not (I repeat, is not) the method you want if you're the person who cast the curse.

Removal - Simply removing a curse from a person. This can be done by the caster, the target, or by a third party.
Breaking - Satisfying the demands made by the curse-caster in order to have a curse removed—or actually destroying the curse and all of the negative energy from it.
Trapping - Putting a curse into an object or living thing and removing it from yourself.

A Note Before You Begin

Some curses are written so that they cannot be removed or reversed. If you're looking for a curse that you will want to remove later, make sure you can find a removal (or write one) before you begin. Alternatively, if you're the target of a curse that you can't seem to shake, try to find out what the target's demands are and meet them. If that's out of the question, trapping may be your best option.

Curse Reversal

Say you've been the target of a curse and you want to get even. A curse reversal might be just what you're looking for. There are lots of ways to reverse a curse.Some are written to send the curse back to that person in a multiplied form—most popularly 3-fold or 10-fold. You can write your own reversal in any way that meets your needs.The following is a simple, quick method of reversing a curse.
Clean up any salt lines and take down any barriers that would prevent a curse from leaving your home

Acquire a cheap hand mirror (one that you wouldn't mind losing). Breathe onto it. As you fog up the mirror, imagine you're breathing out all of the cursed energy you've been carrying around.
Place the mirror on a window (facing your target's home, if possible) with the reflective side facing outward. Leave it there overnight to reflect the person's curse back on them.
In the morning, remove the mirror from your window and throw it out. If you can, place a black candle in each window (you can do this one window at a time so that no candles are left burning alone) to protect the house and banish any leftover nasty energy.
Physically clean the house, cleanse, and redo any protections you need to.
After reversing a curse, I always put a jar of nails at my window to fight off return attacks.

If it helps, you can write a spoke spell to go along with the above. Usually, I find that alone works very well.

Another good way is to make them eat it—which is a little symbolic and literal at the same time. I usually do this with pie, but you could use anything.

Prepare a meal that you know this person will eat. (Preferably one that they won't be likely to share.)

As you prepare it, let each ingredient stand for a part of the curse you want removed, or a bad thing you want to happen to your target.
Give it to them.

This can also work as a stand-alone curse and (since they're eating it and therefore willingly accepting it), it's not so easy to remove or reversal. (Right, now none of you will ever eat my cooking, but moving right along.)

Curse Removal

Reader, we're about to have one of those moments in which you read my writing and then give me a weird look—but here me out. Curse removal is the act of ritually removing a curse. In my family, we do this with dirt.
Go outside and collect some dirt. (Preferably, loose dry dirt.)
Bring it into the house and and sprinkle it over the floors. (You can mix it with a curse removing floor-sweep if you like.)
Take some in your hands and rub them together (as if your were washing your hands). Say something along the lines of, “Soil and mud and earth and dirt, remove the curse that's caused me hurt.”
Wash your hands and sweep the floor, sweeping the dirt out the door if possible.

**Even though it sounds crazy, we use dirt because of its negativity-sucking, neutralizing properties. Obviously, you could replace the dirt with anything else you felt these properties in.

Curse Breaking

Curse-breaking is a removal method that only works if the curse caster has tied a demand to the curse. For example, a curse broken by true love's kiss. Or one that goes away when you return the Khal's books to her. And, in order to break a curse, you have to know what the person's demands are.

The best way to find this out is with divination. Scrying, Tarot, etc are all good tools to understand what a person wants to get out of their curse. If you trust the person, you can just do what is required and get ready to be curse free. If you don't, you may want to write a spoken spell to go with your action. Something like, “As I meet [full name's] demands, take this curse off of my hands.” should work.

Curse Trapping

Similar to the 'scapecoat' concept I talked about in part two, trapping a curse is simply directing a curse into another thing to remove it from yourself. I like to direct curses into earthen-clay figures and bury them away from my home.

Removing a Curse That You Have Cast

Some people will tell you that it's bad luck for a witch to remove their own curse.Some won't. For myself, I don't know because I right my curses not to be removable for the most part.

If you've changed your mind and want to take away a curse that you've cast, try this:
Light a black candle for cleansing and banishing.
Find a photo of your once-target and anoint it with olive oil. This will ruin the photo.
Say, “My fiery anger did not last. Remove the curse that I have cast. Let all ill will and energy flee, and let [target's name] never suspect me.”
If you're looking to avoid bad luck from removing a curse, it's a good idea to give some small offering (that belonged to you) in exchange for the removal.
HOW TO CURSE SOMEONE. How to send down a curse. Curse Removal & Reversal. How To Curse Your Enemies